DynaPOT 20 Gallon Garden Planting Aeration Fabric Container

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DynaPOT 20 Gallon Garden Planting Aeration Fabric Container, Heavy Duty Fabric Grow Pots, Heavy Harvest Planter Raised Bed, Root Treatment Eco-Friendly Grow Bags, Black, 20x15.5x20inch

  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND HEAVY DUTY: Made from BPA free recycled water bottle along with heavy duty durable fabric. Ideal for gardening on top of concrete, gravel and soil.
  • HEALTHY PLANTS: It allows direct connection to water and nutrient uptake along with perfect drainage system for pest and fungus control.
  • BEST ROOT TREATMENT: It provides better aeration for root and air pruning of the root system that will force the plant to produce smaller and fibrous roots which gives bigger results.
  • PREVENTION FROM SOIL BORNE DISEASE: DynaPOTS has better mechanism for drainage, which prevent from soil borne disease and also from root disease.
  • ABUNDANT YIELD: Air Pruning, improved root structure, temperature control with better aeration combined with efficient nutrient uptake will result better harvests and abundance of yield.



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